SLICE is reinventing the travel management experience for artists and festival travellers in the electronic music and gastronomy scene.
Our aim is to make cultural travel part of the world wide tourism in a dimension not yet explored.

Creating experiences beyond travel… In business and vacation.



Our vision is to ensure travel is planned, booked and completed most efficiently.

In collaboration with our partners we therefore are working on a solution of a booking platform being connected to an intuitive technology that allows our customers to manage their travel across all devices.

Being connected anytime anywhere, we aim to provide real-time information on flight status, itinerary and contact access, maps, travel alerts, tracking service and a care call button that directly will link to Slice customer service.


What we do.

SLICE is working with a team of qualified, dedicated and motivated consultants, who pay attention to every aspect of  individual travel requirements.

  • Proficient in multiple travel reservation systems
  • Professional air, hotel and car hire management
  • Complex itinerary construction
  • Travel management
  • Transfers, travel insurance and visa management
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Expense management
  • Corporate & leisure travel expertise

Focussing on customers such as:

  •        Booking / Logistic Agencies
  •        Artists / Manager / Tour Manager / Promoter