Milli Kanyko.


Milli is the intuitive mind with the vision ensuring to be one step ahead with her way wide ranged thinking. Having started off her career after studying Event- and Cultural Management  with tourmanaging Garish and Julian Le Play, she should find her passion for Production- & Logistic Management and move on with working for Waves Festival. Her path should stay influenced by her passion for music.

Milli is known for being Stage Manager in Lighthouse Festival Croatia since its beginning and being loved for spreading her positive energy as part of the Artist Care team. 2016 Milli became part of the infamous Vienna club Grelle Forelle where she was responsible for Production, Logistics and Bookings.

As General Manager and Co-Founder of SLICE she pulls the strings together to efficiently run and oversee all processes of the agency and makes sure, that there is not any day without laughter and structure.

Located in Vienna.