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Alex Dimou




Deep House / Minimal / Electronic


Alex Dimou works as a producer and performs both live acts and dj sets.

He releases music under the labels: Get Physical Music, Rebellion, Audiomatique Recordings, Hafendisko, Kindisch, Plastic City, Klik Records, Parquet Recordings, Funk Farm, Rhythmetic, Quantized Music, Elite Records. Some of the various artists he has been collaborating with are: Maya Jane Coles, dOP, M.A.N.D.Y, Funkagenda, Tiger Stripes, Simon Baker, Fur Coat, Djuma Soundsystem, Matthew Burton, Alex Young, AKA AKA and Milton Channels.

Some significant events/clubs he has performed at are: Shelbourne/This is Miami party (Miami,Florida), Cookies (Berlin,Germany), KaZantip z21 (Popovka,Ukraine), Formula (Gelendzhik,Russia), Reworks Festival (Thessaloniki,Greece), Six D.O.G.S (Athens,Greece), etc

Austrian Apparel

Live Techno



The duo is one of Vienna’s breakthrough electronic Live acts. What sounds like a banal observation is actually an deeper analysis of interpersonal harmony, which spills over into their Raison d’être: live analog and often sporadically improvised live techno. One of them laughs, the other one doesn’t, still they both perform. Live. Always.

Although the inspiration for their sound might sometimes lie somewhere in mundane observations, they derive their true creative might from the inspiring force of the universe. Difficult to harness yet still clearly defined. A perfect metaphor for their music. An otherworldly emotional state, broken down into an ecstatic Dance ritual.

Deep Aztec




Electronic Music Live Act


Deep Aztec is a South African born and based electronic music live act / record label owner.

He was exposed to a wide variety of music as an infant and the closest he could get to Jazz Music was through Deep House. At the age of 13 Aztec started to learn how to beat match and at the age of 16 he started producing his own music and gigging in clubs along side the respected DJ/artists the likes of DJ Mbuso , Liquideep, Cisco, Culoe De Song and Black Coffee to mention a few.

After six years of producing his own music he got an offer to sign with a German imprint (Sensual Sounds) and shortly after received a contract with UK Turn Left Recordings where he signed his debut release „A message to Larry Heard“, followed by a licensing deal with Sony Music for a compilation album feature on one of South Africa’s oldest and biggest imprint (House Afrika) late 2015.He also released with Nomadiq Music (SA) and Chronoworld Records (Italy). He took on 2016 and returned on his home label releasing a 4 track EP titled 90’s Reborn. Since he released on various international labels such as Moonshake Records (Spain) and Proton Limited Label (Texas) and Watergate Records in 2017 (Germany).

Deep Aztec has played at several high profile festivals in South Africa and popular events locally such as Rocking The Daisies 2014 (Beach Bar) and 2016 (Bridges For Music stage), Pioneer DJ 20th celebration, Kinky Disco (Tale Of Us South Africa Tour), Kinky Summer NYE ,The Red Telephone Carnival , Vice City , Club 89, We House Sundays , Afrika Burn , ULTRA Festival, Modular and the RISE Cape Town showcase.

Florian Scheibein




Vinyl DJ


An allegory of a musical skyscraper in human form: Varying floors, movable room seperators, hidden doors, but no musical boundaries. Florian Scheibein lives in such a building since his early childhood, his lease says “unlimited”. The foundation and his living and working space are called “House”, the basement door says “Chicago” and a corridor leads to the hidden “Deep House” chamber. One floor above that: A big kitchen and a bedroom called “Techno” with a terrace of the “Detroit” make.

Florian made his first active and creative steps in the mid-90s as a HipHop-DJ, Turntablist and MC. 2002 he made the decision to focus on the different playing fields of electronic music. The desire, to unify people through sound and rhythm and make people lose themselves in the flow of music led him to play residencies at Vienna/Feldkirch-based event series Stadtpark Musik and at big Vienna club Pratersauna. 2011, him and A:lex founded the label Leap Records, which also releases their own productions. 2015 their sub label First Music sees the light of day. His packed schedule shows Flo’s versatile DJ personality: secret weapon, headliner, warmup act or savior of the morning –it is what it is!

Greg Brockmann


Greg Brockmann is a French music producer and dj.He produced his first release in 2014 under the French label Popcorn LTD.

Now Greg is starting his own record label called OddMann Recordings co-produced with long time friend OddSoul.The inspiration to start their own label came from spending time in the studio together, where they started the duo OddMann in 2015.Since then they release and labels such as Half Baked Records, Blind Box, MOFF…

Full time Half Baked resident since 2009, Greg also played in some of the best clubs and festivals in the world such as Concrete (Paris), CDV (Berlin), Gottwood (Wales) Off Sonar (Barcelona) and many more.

Igor Vicente





Producer, remixer, DJ and label owner, multifaceted artist Igor Vicente is turning into a truly global electronic music proposition. Vicente’s unique sound is built up over 4 or 5 hours creating a smooth and unpredictable blend of House and Techno, full of effects often creating surprise in his sets.Coming from Mons, Belgium, Vicente grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, KC & The Sunshine Band and Warren G. His passion for electronic music started in his teens, when he first discovered the sounds of Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke, Funk D’Void, Kenny Hawkes, DJ Sneak and Derrick Carter. His infatuation with all electronic things led to the creation of his now legendary Wildfamily parties, in which Jamie Jones, Clive Henry, Seth Troxler and Shaun Reeves has played among other DJ friends.

In 2011 was born Ultrasone, a duo producing tracks for big labels including Visionquest, Supplement Facts, Hot Creations and Maison d’Être with big remixes on Saved, Get Physical and Air London.In 2013, Igor Vicente put Ultrasone to sleep to focus himself on his growing solo career. He also founded his own brand and label State of Flow that has gone from strength to strength from the first vinyl release from LYE in 2015. State of Flow has also developed into a famed club night brand, and his Wildfamily parties also continue at Kompass club, now with a new Wildfamily digital label imprint designed for ‘good party music’. His residencies at Belgium’s elite clubs Café d’Anvers and Fuse firmly imprinted Igor Vicente in the electronic dance music scene.

Production wise, Igor’s most revered releases have included Hot Creations bomb The Knight with a remix by Jamie Jones, and Don’t Feel no Way on Visionquest. Labels including Hot Creations and Get Physical records has continuously released his music. “Igor Vicente has honestly been the DJ who has most impressed me with his mind-blowing sets. I can’t keep this secret and wish that everyone will hear his amazing talent,” says Anja Schneider.

What’s new for 2018? In April, Igor Vicente started a new club residency at Roots Barcelona and a new club project called L.sT also begins this spring in Antwerp, aiming for “quality over quantity, putting the vibe firmly up front”. Igor’s forthcoming releases for Spring 2018 include Endless EP on Get Physical Music and Amberes EP on Do Not Sleep. Keep your ears open for Igor’s next bomb, his remix of Los Pastores Challenger forthcoming on Decay Records, already getting major props from Jamie Jones.



Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Lazarus Mathebula, aka Lazarusman, is a poet at heart. His core belief is that the vocals in dance music should transcend further than just enhancing the music or add a human effect but instead, they should leave a lasting impression, impart knowledge and transfer a global message that everybody can relate to.

His love for spoken word and dance music has now transported him to the main stage of top clubs around the world, performing live at festivals and releasing records all over the world. Working with artists such as Martin Stimming, Florian Kruse, Alex Dimou,

Tigerskin, Andre Lodemaan, Aki Bergen and Djuma Soundsystem shows hints of how far along this young slam poet from Jo

͛ burg has come. As a young man he began his path into poetry and spoken word after being inspired by the situations and difficulties of being young black and South African.

His idiosyncratic style of poetry earned him quick recognition in the local poetry scene, performing and competing across South Africa. Instead of conforming to the normal style of poetry that most of his peers had chosen at the time, Lazarus’s style offered a more humorous and quirky way to put across social conversation about political and personal issues that were (and still are) existent in his surroundings. This unique style is attributed to his genuine love for dance music.

Lazarusman has now released music on labels such as Stil Vor Talent, Rebellion, Diynamic, Get Physical, Noir Music, Selador and Audiomatique to just name a few, and if you ask him he is always busy working on a new song or project. He quoted saying, about the success he’s had so far:

2018 will see the revealing of his new album, an album that he͛s secretly been working away on between all those collaborations. Teaming up with South African producer Greg Canning, they have made an album full of music for both your mind and your dancing

feet. The album could be called a documentary of sorts, taking in all aspects of his past, his life, his travels and his many live performances of the last few years.

Markus Lindner


Born in Feldkirch (Vorarlberg) in 1982, also called „the wild west of Austria“, close to the boarder of Switzerland and Germany. His musical vein inoculated, Markus got the beat into the credle, because his father is a Professor of percussion instruments at the conservatory in Feldkirch.

At the end of the 90ies he discovered turntables as musical instruments. In the following years he spent a lot of time in his cellar with his 1210s and trained his skills and perfected them. During this time he started to play more and more gigs in and around Vorarlberg as a HipHop-DJ and under his synonym „Ezco“. His popularity increesed and with that the desirability of his mixtapes.

In 2003 he got in touch with electronic music, which infected the content of his crate during the next month tremendously.

Since 2006 Markus lives in Vienna. His endeavour: To bring his own musical style to the interessted danceaudience under the view of techno/house, Markus still reveals his focus, which can be described under the words deep, floating, reduced, funky, psychodelic and sexy. This is the best way to describe the tactful sound of the 28 year old.

Inspired by the upcoming underground scene from his hometown and socialised by his local music-posse (Stone Club, Provinzmusik, Rauch Club), Markus founded 2007 together with his childhood friend Jokl the platform „Stadtpark Musik“. A monthly occuring „Stadtpark Nacht“ in Feldkirch and since November 2008 also happening in Vienna, their parties are built on sound and quality rather than on number of attendees nor on mass processing. Bookings like Zip, Thomas Melchior, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss, Margaret Dygas, Barem, Seph, Gurtz, Eric Johnston or Jorge Savoretti are more than guests. They count them to their further growing family of comrades-in-arms, the good connection to the base in Zürich, especially the cultural institution Cityfox.

The story of Markus Lindner an his heartproject „Stadtpark Musik“ is not finally written. Not until the potential of the Austrian capital – a tranquil place full of music lovers – is exhausted, Markus way will find an end.

Nonku Phiri

Live Act


Following the release of her debut solo single, the internationally acclaimed ‘Things We Do On The Weekend’, Nonku Phiri has established herself as on one of the most distinctive and influential voices in South Africa’s electronic music landscape.

Effortlessly moving between house, electronica, R’nB and kwaito. She was first brought to the music industry’s attention at the age of 17 courtesy of a serendipitous collaboration. She proceeded to become a sought after collaborator, working with multiple artists, spanning continents and genre spectrums. In 2015, the undeniable trajectory of her burgeoning success led to Nonku embarking on her solo career journey.

After years of travelling, performing and writing, 2018 will bare witness to the launch of her independent label ‘Albino Black’ along with the release of her highly anticipated EP. Nonku has reached a juncture in her career where her creative voice and perspective are both clearly defined, congruently carving a path for her most impactful musical journey to date.



Tonijah is a South African DJ and producer with an exceptional taste who’s sounds will take you on an afro experience of minimal deep rhythms embossed with Afro undertones.

Growing up, Tonijah was influenced by various genres of music such as Motown, Mbaqanga, Kwaito, Rhythm & Blues, Hip – Hop, Jazz and Funk. He started his Dj’ing career at a tender age, collecting Hip Hop & Funk Vinyl from his local record store in Downtown Cape Town before finding his passion for House Music.

With his debut EP release on label Turn Left Recordings, Tonijah intends on expanding his global footprint.